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thedigitalgarden.org is an online web source cataloguing unofficial releases of Prince material, both live and studio, that are known to exist and are circulating amongst collectors and fans. This website is strictly for informational purposes only. The site, and anyone responsible for its maintenance does not endorse, sell, distribute, profit from, or provide information on the availability or location of any of the titles listed.

UNDER THE 'FAIR USE DOCTRINE' thedigitalgarden.org may use images for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research. All images on this website are for information purposes only and, in the majority of cases, are of a 'transformative work' and as such does not resemble any original image. All images are in the public domain and are subject, as per the above conditions, for use under the Fair Use Doctrine.

As a willing user of this site you are forbidden to:

- Use any information obtained from thedigitalgarden.org to sell, promote, distribute, endorse, profit from, or encourage the purchase, reproduction or distribution of any of the releases documented within this website. That includes hyperlinking to pages on this site from any other site which advocates or encourages the sale of bootlegged recordings.

- Link to personal trade lists or any other documentation which encourages the distribution or sale of bootlegged audio/video recordings.

thedigitalgarden.org are in no way affiliated with or have any connection with Prince, his companies or any other business interests Prince may hold. We do not encourage, nor facilitate in any way the distribution of, or sale of concert recordings, or any other unauthorised sound and/or video recordings or anything else that knowingly constitutes copyright infringement.

All text, comments, layout and non-pictorial content is © to the owner and proprietor of thedigitalgarden.org. Permission to reproduce in any form will not be granted under any circumstances.

Finally, please do not ask for advice on how to obtain anything listed on this site nor for help in where to find such material. Any and all requests of this nature will be ignored. By entering this site, you agree whole heartedly to the above terms.